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Melissa Goodrich's debut short story collection is a raw and magical book of spells, an honest yet harrowing look at the wonder and threat of the world. In these 17 short stories, a toxic cloud sweeps west to east across the country, devouring all in its path. Past versions of a man show up at the birthday party he's thrown himself. A lonely trucker delivers two-headed angels as part of a money-making scheme. And, in the title story, a daughter of monsters awaits her coming-of-age. The characters in this collection tempt disintegration as they attempt to become their fuller selves, staring hard into the treacherous fog in their ways.

Advance praise for DAUGHTERS OF MONSTERS:

"IF you follow your imagination far enough, you break through into the center of your own heart. This is a trick not many have mastered; Melissa Goodrich does it every single time." -BEN LOORY, author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

"IN Daughters of Monsters, Melissa Goodrich picks up the world as we know it and spins it on the tip of her finger. She adds a bit of torque with each story, and you start to wonder if it's going to fall. It never does." -COLIN WINNETTE, author of Haints Stay, Coyote, Fondly, and Animal Collection

"THESE stories zoom toward our planet from the Oort cloud that is Melissa Goodrich's brain. The tales are prismatic and sweetly perturbing, and the language is lemniscate. Like your little brother and sister in a house of mirrors, Goodrich plays tag with your tongue. Tighten your Kuiper belt, sweethearts. This is a fabulous ride." -CATHERINE ZOBAL DENT, author of Unfinished Stories of Girls